Popped the cd in, clicked the update driver button and pointed it to the cd drive. Problem signature Problem Event Name: Sunday, October 11, 6: Andrew, i’m usin XP x64 me self. After installing the driver and then rebooting, I checked my devices, and the unknown device no longer appeared, but the device ATK ACPI Utility appeared under my System Devices and was highlighted.

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The main reason is because changes in OS will definitely erase existing device drivers which will result in lots of hardware devices with missing drivers. Wednesday, June 15, But, when I launch Windows Update, it does not find anything for me to install.

If a device is registered as unknown in your Device Manager, it will either cause malfunction or it will be unusable at all.

Another option that you can consider is to use a sophisticated driver update software which will automate the process of searching and downloading device drivers online. As an ACPI utility device, it is also concern with voltage, temperature and fan sensors. I downloaded this file and created its own folder for it, and then I traversed thru the file by double clicking on the unzipped file until I got to the level for bit that had a file named AsAcpiIns, which is an application.


I hope this solves that problem. Friday, June 1, 7: Windows Vista Desktop UI https: The windows updates did not find one or had replaced it some time prior.

Download ACPI Driver for ATK 0110 virtual device

Once I was able to traverse the unzipped files and come into a. SYS file I knew that I was in business.

I used the update driver option for the unknown device, and it successfully installed from the directory containing the unzipped driver and information. What I’m doing is downloading http: Option 2 — will allow PC users to search device drivers using their full or partial model name. I didn’t draw the connection until I read someones post here that they were seeing intermittent hangs and crashes.

Description Windows detected a new device attached to your computer, but could not find the driver software it needs to make the device usable.

Hope this helps someone. Resources for IT Professionals. Thursday, March 20, 2: Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Here are two driver update options to be considered:. Remove From My Forums.


Fix ACPI ATK Unknown Device

Choose your motherboard and download proper driver. Some of the key benefits of this tool are time and energy you will be saving, and the fact that you will be spared from the risk of downloading incompatible and wrong drivers. Each device manufacturer typically includes driver revice of a CD that comes with the device, or as a download from its website.

I had been having severe system hangs every time I’d performed Windows Updates. Sunday, October 11, 6: Sunday, April 4, 4: Such issues include folders, AERO, toolbars, etc.

I was seeing the same symptom as the very first post. Windows Vista Desktop UI. I have the same issue, and the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel even tells me to go to Acpi/ati Update and get the driver.

Tuesday, February 12, 7: Here are two driver update options to be considered: