Direct Application Access A series of fast keys are available for instant launch of entertainment, connection, power management, and color adjustment applications. The R1F is loud when you have all the right software settings in place, but not something I would listen to my music on. Asus offers different battery settings like quiet office and high performance via the Geared. Weighing in at 4. I set the brightness and color saturation as high and balanced as possible to offset the graininess and it works well. If loouder, the bass are still quite an issue, because they seem to sound a bit hollow and they rattle.

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Vibrant Visual Enjoymen To satisfy the most demanding reviewing standards, ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology integrates different multimedia data sources to reduce noise and conversion rate for a sharp display.

Power switch at the back Express Card and heat vent located on the left side view large image. Actual figures may vary wireess real-world situations.

ASUS R1F – First Tablet PC from Asus – Laptop Review –

The headphone and microphone jack being at the back is a pain when in notebook mode, but aside from that the port layout is pretty good. There is a row of keys at the top labeled F1 though F12, they also have symbols. If loouder, the bass are still quite an issue, because they seem to sound a bit hollow and they rattle. The battery manufacturer is the Asustek company itself, it has got six cells, capacity of mAh and it provides tension of 11,1V.

One good thing about the notebook design is that in slate mode the speakers are not completely covered, so a decent amount of sound still comes out. Multi-functional Module Bay Utilize this feature for high application flexibilities while the notebook is suspend.


Measured performances and graphs are available in the performance tests. It is also possible to protect the computer against a possible loss of data by disabling all the interfaces including Secondary Master and that is not very common to see. Utilize this feature for high application flexibility even while the notebook is up and running. Helpful 12 Not Helpful Comment Flag.

The exhaust is situated on the left side of the notebook and the air is inhaled from below it. Maybe it was just a bad coincidence, but one of the DVDs suffered a light scratch after some pulling and pushing in to the notebook.

The basic group is in the lid, to the right under the display status, battery, BT, Wi-Fi, HDDthe second one is to the right, above the keyboard Key locks and an incoming mail and the third one is on the top side of the lid status, battery, BT, Wi-Fi. The R1F has an integrated V. Fortunately the GMA and the Win XP can handle the desktop rotation very well and so you can set it according to your liking. Mobility center does not allow me to do this or that with my adapter, it is simply grayed out.

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A Smart Balance of Mobility and Performance

Anonymous Mar 05, I turned on the net4switch and then turned off and on the wireless switch and clicked on the tower icon, the ring turned golden and my wireless was fully working in about. It is a hardware-based solution that helps to avoid attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data.


Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. You can definitely forget about playing the newest 3D games in other than lowest quality settings and still it will probably be choppy.

It works perfectly every time.

In some laptops do not have switches, they use the functions keys to turn them on. I enjoyed the R1F in both notebook and Tablet mode, nothing beats writing on the screen especially when you are in a hurry. I would much rather have a metal pen, I mean you are taking the pen in and out all the time, so something a little more durable would be better.

How can this be resolved. The built-in microphone worked well for the most part. However, the Asus Splendid technology that allows you assus adjust screen colorization is great and really brings out the color, especially when watching movies. Not finding what you are looking for? The portfolio fits the Tablet like a glove for quick traveling and the bag is durable and roomy enough to hold your cell phone, wallet and files.