The copier should be kept level. This product is “End Of Life” and we can no longer supply this cartridge or any direct alternatives. It also controls the AE. Registration sensor PS 1. Make a copy with the multifeeder YES Check the multifeeder pick-up. Check the status connection status NO Reconnect properly.

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These regulation apply to all laser products manufactured after August 1st The received signal is output from the speaker.

When changing the image processor PCB or the lithium battery, or while the power switch is off, when removing the jumper plug JP3 located on the image processor PCB, please make sure to print out the following lists prior to removing the jumper plug. When the batteries have been completely used up dispose of them in an appropriate manner dispose them separately from normal garbage.

Do not touch the surface of the photosensitive drum. As mentioned before, 4 types of bias are applied to the transfer charging roller at designated times.

Designates the transfer of reception documents to other faxes. Bit0 0 1 0 1 Bit1 0 1 1 0 Standard paper size classification AB series INCH series A series By setting this switch, the document paper size display and setting, and automatic identification, etc. Opening the package and removing the packing materials Work details 1 Unpack the main unit, and take out the accessory parts.


Canon GP Toner Cartridge Black AAA –

The bit switches indicated on the display are as shown below. Shading correction Even when reflected light from a document with even density is detected by the CCD, the CCD output will not be consistent for the following reasons. All transmissions other than broadcast transmissions are sent directly. Service mode menu list Image leading edge margin adjustment Adjustment when the leading edge of the printed image is canno of alignment.

The procedure is as described below.

Canon GP160 PCL 5e Drivers for Windows 8 64 bit Download

VRs which must not be adjusted in the field: Clean the surface of the roller. This vp160 image formation process is composed of the following steps.

Laser light intensity control The laser semiconductor laser has the characteristic that the light intensity will fluctuate greatly when the ambient temperature changes.

After every five hundredth copy, the length of time the pressure roller rotates is extended. Operation outline The laser scanner motor is a 3 phase 8 pole DC brushless motor integrated, with the laser scanner motor drive circuit.

Divide the document and print on the following page.


Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Do not leave the cartridge exposed, once removed from the main unit. Load paper into the multi-feeder.

Some LEDs leak a small amount of current even when normal, and therefore glow faintly even when they are off. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. An example of a memory clear report is displayed below in diagram Do not use the other print patterns, as they are for factory and development use. Construction The principal components of image formation system are shown in the diagram below.

Add to wish list. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. White background document density range B: The settings for the activation times of pxl ESS function and the settings for the stand-by time can be registered in the user mode.

Multi-feeder retry pick-up When paper is not picked-up even when the multi-feeder pick-up roller is ccanon, retry pick-up operation occurs. Add paper indicator setting SW No.