This one’s mainly for you Woutertal: HardOCP states,” Tier 2 retail mainboard builders and lower. Examine all the components that are in the CPU area, especially the fets and the caps, but also the ic’s. Intel P chipset socket might be able to handle the power circuits better with the prescott?? This will ensure that even the sinks touches the fets legs. Thermal throttling cannot be switched off.

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CPU temps are already getting into a high region, even at stock volts, so it could very well be that the behaviour I am noticing with freezes, reboots and so on when upping the VCore is due to to temps. Have we confirmed beyond doubt that the video card should be on the same PSU as the mobo? Yesterday I removed the sinks I had installed because I thought they were too small.

MSI GeForce FX (AGP 8x, MB) Overview – CNET

Cheers again woutertal for the continued excellent input, your excellent efforts and all your assistance, I really appreciate it buddy: This is one of the reasons why I promote the Vcore-additional-caps-mod, and the use of twin PSU’s, which also cleans the mobo supply currents of stray ac signals from pumps motors and fans. And where are you pple putting the second PSU? It might as well work for you. In fact I doubt that.

Try measuring it DMM Both of those ideas sound ingenious and I’m very thankful that you brought those ideas to my attention. Here’s one to all of you still. Can you tell us some more about yr chill setup with the Fx300 Indyxc1, Theres also a sense wire mod for your trupower cjaintech by hellfire at XS which is very thorough and easy way to get the most of our setups The pro is in Mrs. It’s nice to see some hcaintech our fellow members finally making some progress with their clocks BTW i have my Pro vgpu modded You really need an oscilloscope to see the true picture of stability.


Another solution would be to find a way to beef up these caps. I’m running the system already with VAGP at 1. And I definely lack the skill to do any of those cool VTT mods and stuff to gurantee a stable 4Ghz system. As woutertal mentioned, some people get exceptionally good chips that OC’s like a mad man.

MATRIX UAB – vaizdo plokštės ATI, nVidia, Matrox, SiS – atnaujinta 2008.03.31

Next tried it on a single chaintefh power. While I am at it, why don’t I splice in some long leads so I can have some easily accessed lines from which to measure directly measure my 12V and 3. I forgot to comment.

The most important thing is getting chaintec coldplate flat as possible Palit keeps its traditions of redesigning cards. It just wound up dying on me one night.


My last one was a Costa Rica. I have fx530 on the opposite side of that equation more often then not, when I get a “supposedly” crazy overclockable something that can chanitech do rated speeds.


My system specs are in my sig. Thermaltake Silent Purepower W Things left out are in bios, not in the mood to go find them Here’s a cpu-z pic http: The memory timings are the same and so on – I’m not sure if the temps are causing some throttling or if it is because I am running a very run in install of the OS. Is he trying to say that raising it up as high as it can go will help stabilize 3D Benching? Try using this pic as a reference, IMO we all kinda got cheated by asus.

Prior to my new OCZ psu, I couldn’t even use 1. I am definitely going to continue working with this and testing different combinations and theories to see chiantech far I can get this chip stable on stock and then with more VCore after that, perhaps fx5030 stable still has a chance, though I’d be very very happy with 3.