Not the right device for speed demons and those who want to play videos encoded at high bitrates or larger than QVGA resolution or run game emulators. Bluetooth, in contrast, just works. The camera’s LED flash isn’t useful unless you’re very close to your subject living subjects will hate you because the flash is blinding and constant , but it makes a wonderful flashlight. It only protects the front a Compact, attractive and well built. Press and hold it again to re-enable sounds. The loses a half star to the PPC and XV only because it lacks 3G, which is an important feature for a data-centric device.

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Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Even action and demanding games didn’t phase the when we tested Sky ForceAncient Evil and the less demanding Bejeweled 2 among others. Long periods of using the Internet connection directly from the cinhluar will drain the battery considerably faster, though, so if you intend to use it for prolonged periods you may want to consider a secondary battery.

Good phone, will recommend, lots of features.

The Blackberry Curve 1825 camera can take still photos up to x at 1. The shows a very squared-off profile, with a bit of rounding towards the back of the case as its only concession to ergonomics. It has decent battery life and is incredibly durable, but that is not to say it is still in perfect condition.

You’ll find HTC’s contact information here.

Cingular Pocket PC Phone Information Center – Specs Accessories HTC Apache

To turn on WiFi, use the Comm Manager application press the dedicated button, tap on the icon at the bottom of the home screen or run it from the Programs group. If you’re looking for decent performance other than video playback and Skype reliability at this pointand crave great battery life by PPC phone standards, the Cingular should be on your short list.


The Cingular has a very bright, clear QVGA x transflective color display that’s among our favorites. You can record tags for any contact in your address book and you can record tags to launch the applications of your choice. The phone is awkward.

Cingular Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Unless you were playing back video encoded above kbps, you’d probably guess the Cingular was a or MHz unit. Download a free PDF copy of the Cingular user manual here. Check it out instead and avoid this phone like the plague.

I have also tried getting replacement styluses but these are not stocked cingliar the TMobile stores. But if your main goal is a large, comfortable keyboard on a data-oriented GSM device, the fulfills that rather well. It is a huge clunky hot mess. Wi-Fi is great and easy to connect to. The phone supports common call features such as call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting and it has a full duplex speaker phone that’s adequate but not stellar despite the two speakers.

Fell well short of my expectations Anonymous from Amazon 26 Jul It supports headsets and has the handsfree profile along with serial port, file transfer, DUN dial up networking for using the phone as a wireless modem for a notebook but not A2DP high quality stereo audio.


Discuss this product Reviewed Feb. But it wasn’t as good as some Nokia phones Nokia is the king of RF. The design is poor and not very well thought out. The cinglura LED cinglkar isn’t useful unless you’re very close to your subject living subjects will hate you because the flash is blinding and constantbut it makes a wonderful flashlight.

What is a Wizard? Sure this device can do anything, but it does absolutely nothing well. To initiate voice commands simply press the dedicated button on the right side of the phone or press press and hold for some headsets the call button on your Bluetooth headset or car kit.

HTC ‘s performance ratings are 8. If you spend most of your phone-time in an area cinglkar you can barely get a signal with most phones, then it probably won’t do the trick but then you might want to think about changing carriers too. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs?

Cingular’s has the right idea when it comes to hardware and software specs. It basically wouldn’t turn on. If you’re a moderate user then expect two days on cinglhar charge and light users will get three or four days on a charge.