If Wi-Fi is active, the light will turn on. I think it would suit the mobile professional or student who needs a portable yet fast and responsive system for business and office applications quite well. Overall I give the D high marks for build quality. I also work for the largest telecoms company in the world and was worried about ringing tech support in India. You have no idea ….

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Oddly, whenever the hard drive is accessed, the hiss seems to temporarily abate. I have owned my Dell D for 5 years now and I still love it!

I would estimate about 3 hours of light-duty computing from the primary battery alone. However, the D has a serious problem in this regard: The fan seems to be always on at a low level, but it is very quiet.

Also, the touchpad and pointer stick cause extra feedback. Chicken or the egg… telecom huh?! If your laptop can’t connect to the network, you won’t be able to access shared files, printers or media devices. Overall I give the D high marks for build quality.

And although I felt like an idiot finding the switch was accidentally turned off, I was not the only one with the problem! Dell Latitude Right Side view larger image. Viewing angle seems a bit worse than the Presario.

Wireless Switch Dell Latitude E

You would think the design department at Dell would do user testing and find this iwreless by doing regular searches on their brand, but I guess not, as their new computers still cary the wireless switch on the side of the laptop, hidden from user attention.


Some have suggested it is a grounding problem.

I work with the IT Helpdesk for a pretty large organization. Slide the switch into “On” position to enable wireless communication on the Dell Latitude. It was much easier then I thought it would be. Hopefully the owners of the Latitude E model do not have that same problem, if they do, they can just look at the picture on this page.

Reason for Purchasing I am currently a graduate student in a biomedical research lab and use my notebook primarily for writing, image editing and data storage. I notice a small amount of heat on the left palm rest just about where the Fn and start keys arebut nothing out of the ordinary. It seems Dell has learned its lesson latituce some extend, as they actually have placed the wireless switch in plain sight on the side of the laptop of the Latitude E model.

Intel Del Solo U, U 1.

All of these have there positive and negative wirless but for me the Dell is my favorite of them all! External, multiple options in D-Bay external add-on Connectivity: Nothing special — just good.

Dell Latitude D610 Review (pics, specs)

The hiss seems to deell in response to the video system doing work: Dell Latitude Front View view larger image. I have a hard lqtitude swallowing design or aesthetic problems on a machine that is brand new, especially one that requires me to carry around an extra piece of hardware to solve it. A dust-cover for the ports in back and for the docking port underneath would have been nice.


It is not noticeable in a normal work environment, which for me includes background noises from refrigerators, freezers, laboratory equipment, building vents, etc. PC Magazine — September — 4 out of 5 — The Dell Latitude D is the convergence of the Latitude X1 and the D, and with it, you get more battery life and an integrated cellular modem in a system that unlike the X1 looks and feels like other Latitudes.

Another common use for my notebook is to rip and encode music. Can you find the little switch that makes the build in wifi in your Dell Laptop un-usable? If and when a solution arises, I will definitely have Dell fix the problem. I can accept limitations of the system such as video or processor speeds. In less than 24 hours they responded and shipped an entire new AC adapter, letting me keep the extra part.