Over the week that this notebook has been in my possession I have experienced excellent battery life, well over 4. Depending on configuration, the Latitude D can currently be equipped with either an Intel Celeron M 1. Standard Dell fare, through and through. There is nothing to surprise here, though the option to add Bluetooth if desired is a welcome one. If something terrible happens and the machine is immersed in a frozen pond or attacked by a vicious wolverine, the important data will have been backed up using the included DVD writer and the excellent warranty will take care of the rest.

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It has yet to be seen how one of those support calls go, but only the future will tell.

For me, the marginal increase in weight was easily worth the additional battery life so I jumped on the 6 bluetootu. Input and output ports: Opening the machine up provides a nice internal contrast from the bland exterior with a strong solid dark gray design surrounding the screen and keyboard.

This is easily my least favorite placement choice as the sound is muffled when placed on a soft surface and has to rebound off something before making it to your ears regardless of setup.

It sports 4 USB 2. Matte is the name of the game, and in my opinion is the only way to go on a notebook intended for business use. The only other brand I would have potentially considered would have been a Lenovo Thinkpad — but similarly outfitted any Thinkpad I could find was significantly more expensive. Solid build quality with little flex, Strike Zone hard drive protection Clean and sleek looks that will do well in a business environment Impressive battery life Good office application performance Included but not standard 8x DVD Writer Solid keyboard and touchpad Excellent screen resolution options though this machine is not configured as such Cons: Less than exciting from the outside, the Latitude D offers a bit of a surprise when opened.


how to enable bluetooth d laptop | NotebookReview

As seen below, light leakage is not significant and only bleeds from the bottom centre of the display. Right view from left to right: Visit our network of sites: Configuring the Latitude D gives you the option of a standard 4 cell battery of a 6 cell for no additional cost.

No pointing stick option, no third mouse button though it can be emulated Left palm rest gets warm under regular usage Standard aspect ratio instead of widescreen No dedicated graphics. Front view from left to right: To put it straight — this vluetooth does not disappoint.

Left view from left to right: This was all while the machine was sitting on my desk — as one of the fan intakes and the cooling for the memory laatitude located on the bottom of the notebook, using it on a soft surface will most likely increase heat and noise noticeably but not significantly.

The speakers are located on the front of the notebook, on either side of the display latch. Under less strident usage such as taking wifi out of the equation I can easily see exceeding 5 if not 5. The keys themselves click comfortably with a decent range of movement, are spaced out well and the control button is placed where it should be — to the left of the function key.

Drivers for Bluetooth devices for Dell Latitude D520 laptops | Windows 7 x64

Range is respectable and speed is almost exactly the same as every other chipset-based notebook I have ever latifude. This machine was purchased for a non-profit organization and is intended for accounting and word processing while seeing a fair bit of travel. To put the cherry on the cake, the battery life can be checked while the machine is off using a 5 LED battery meter built into the unit.


Finally, any attempts to twist the screen proved fruitless as there was non flex. Overall I am very pleased with Dell Latitude D The touchpad itself is comfortable to use if a bit small, and the included drivers can easily be set up for virtual scrolling.

The Latitude D came in a standard brown Dell box — all business. Multithreaded Test 1 Lqtitude Compression: At the same time, I refrained from upgrading to the T as I knew the TE would provide more than sufficient muscle for the task intended.

Standard accessories are spare but include the power adapter and modem cable, user manuals and resource CDs. Depending on configuration, the Latitude D ddll currently be equipped with either an Intel Celeron M 1. Standard Dell fare, through and through. The Latitude D I purchased is configured as follows: In the external looks department, the Latitude D brings nothing new to the table with the same gray plastic that has represented the Latitude line for years.