Under windaube it is normal that it means walking is not for that Who is online Users browsing this forum: I downloaded the program on the website and everything worked. It gives you 16 inputs and 16 outputs of high-resolution audio to the recording software of your choice. I like that the main output on the AudioFire Pre8 is purely attenuative, and hope dream? Playback is working now even after a reboot but latency is up again. The first machine was not compatible with the drivers provided.

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The reviews of the Audiofire Pre audkofire were consistently great! Well, what can I say, this is Echo alright. Best thing to do would be to contact Echo and ask them how you access this console.

They liked the audio quality. I’d love to have 2 Lynx Aurora 16s, but that’s not going to happen.

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It seems to me that the Echo audiofie is very well placed in money, supplied with a truly exceptional quality. What I would like to know personally how could I change the sampling rate from audiofire to 96kHz without SD2.

It’s nothing to do with S2, or everybody would have the same problem. To check I just plugged the AF2 in and the only software that comes with it is the AudioFire Console and for the life of me, I can’t find ecoh buffer setting in there.


I wish Echo had retained a feature from my old Onyx, with a dedicated pair of main outputs separate from 1, 2 which are not volume controlled. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Echo Audiofire 12 Problems –

Auto detects Audikfire or Mic level inputs. Under windaube it is normal that it means walking is not for that The pre amps are smooth sounding with plenty of headroom.

Santa Ynez, CA Status: I had so many worries that mac linux damn unless under windows except linux when it works, it works, it was no surprise after an update 6 months later As far as I am concerned that the card has never functioned. But I can’t find buffer settings in there eecho. Rated 5 out of 5 by Farukh from I am very pleased! Somebody with the exact same setup should be able to give me some pointers, no?

Sorry I can’t speak on AudioFire interface in regards to firewire, nor have I heard of the issue posted by Patrice, but I can tell you the audio quality is better than most expect at the price. Echo AudioFire Pre8 accessories.

But, I checked anywhere and for the life of me can’t find anything. Audiofirs me with all your wisdom I want Steven Slate and i want this to work finally! Echo quality I already have an echo indigothe firewire port to move from fixed to mobile. The preamps are correct and the headphone output although it n ‘there is nothing to s’ faint.


The drivers have obviously been updated, I plugged the card on my 2 PC that followed including a laptopeverything has always worked nickel.

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Playback is working now even after a reboot but latency is up again. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. It should, be set at – smaller if you can get it without pops and crackles.

The card also works fine under Windows for all standard applications I do not use a 5. I have also flashed the interface 1. I always had the impression the only buffer size setting I could change was the one in Toontrack Solo. The his breathing, sounds more open, more defined treble, better audiofirr Echo AudioFire Pre8 reviews.

The AudioFire2 says it comes with a software console to set all your levels.