The application launcher works but it can’t detect wimax daemon. But when I run it it tells me modem is not detected. At last i succeeded. The process will take a few minutes to complete. The modem will receive the power supply at the same time allows you to stay connected. But when I run it it tells me modem is not detected.

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What are the benefits of the UH Portable Modem? You PC may have disabled the autorun function. UH Connection Manager v3.

Fedora 14 use new kernel, the modules dont work this that i think, maybe u just installed the software. When I connect it with my laptop the autorun program runs and the device usg and softwares are installed automatically.

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How to Install USB WiMax Modem: Green-packet UH235

Hey Zakaria, Can you please elaborate how were you able to install the. Companies don’t support Linux like they do Windows as they don’t make nearly as much money. Thanks The device appears as a storage device hsb in Windows the drivers are on the stick, the OS then switches the device to a modem.


The kernel modules inside the driver are made mofem version 2. In addition, the UH portable modem automatically selects the best antenna to improve signal strength for better uplink performance. Here is the second output after connecting the usb WiMax modem – fahad Rony- AOD I tried in ubntu jaunty 9.

The CD is of no value to you unless you use Windows. Quota Top-up Exceeded your quota?


July birthday celebration It becomes a monthly gathering for all Packeteers to come together for a birthday celebration Are you using Ubuntu or any other Distro? This is a status page that will show you the details of packeg modem connection to the Internet.

Here is the first Output: If you got your modem in similar way, then I think the supplier will be able to solve your problem i. This indicates your modem is not detected by your PC. When you tried it with newer kernels, did you get error messages? Why the modem light is only at Red Static? The process will take a few minutes to complete. Top up and get back your full broadband speed in minutes more details.

Get to know us Social Media. In Windows 7 this device performs as plug-and-play. Living in the era of technology, it becomes a virtue for us grefn be connected at anytime, anywhere; all for a simple purpose Results 1 to 2 of 2. After successful installation, my computer does not automatically launch the status webpage. Go through the process until it is done and restart your computer before plug in the UH modem Host-Less. I have the exact same modem.


First, create a iso image using any iso imageing software, like isomaster sudo apt-get install isomaster then extract the zip file and create a new ISO by adding the files. Overall, UH portable modem provides better performance at your home, office or on-the-go. What are the contents in the UH Portable Modem package?

Yes but we adviced to connect directly to the PC or laptop for better power supply to the UH portable modem. Check the signal strength via http: The modem comes with a long USB cable to connect the modem to your laptop. Why is there no action after I have plug my modem into my PC for the 1st time?