This is the default selection. Perpetual licensing, not attached to a specific XIV system, helps safeguard your investment. Limitations Intermixing of port bandwidth between 10 GbE and 1 Gb within the same system is not supported mutually exclusive. In some countries, the availability of the product may depend on the availability of the relevant national regulatory certificates. Logical configuration planning and creation are customer responsibilities. This architecture is designed to support enterprise-class reliability, performance, and scalability. The modem is available in the following countries:

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This feature is mutually exclusive of feature It has additional bracing and floor mounting methods to help resist damage in earthquake prone environments.

Premium Search combines the function of search and the value of Electronic Service Agent information, providing advanced search of the technical support knowledge base.

XIV Storage System Model R3 * upto TB, SSD, up 15CPU, 1-year

This feature allows the removal of the top modulesthen the top hat of the rack can be taken off to ensure the height of the machine is reduced by 68 cm 15 inso the machine is shorter and can fit into doors.

Configurations windlws available in both one-and three-year warranty options. Sum of features and cannot exceed feature plus 3. Prompt before any host restart during or after the installation.

On the initial and MES window, feature can only be paired with feature It is viewable only by the customer and IBM. Customers can now choose to empower their systems with 6 TB SEDs to deploy large-scale clouds even more efficiently with tuning-free storage. The modem is available in the following countries: Enterprise-class, high density SAS disk drives create increased physical space efficiencies.


Family 2810+03 IBM XIV Storage System (M/T 2810) Model 214

Participation in the XIV CoD program is valid as long as there are un-activated capacity on demand modules in the system. Tuning-free high performance Deliver high performance to all applications at all times with zero tuning.

A regional line cord feature number,or must windoqs be selected. This feature will increase the machine installation time and should only be ordered if required when the machine has 12 modules or more. Efficient by design and created to simplify storage, the XIV Storage System Gen3 exemplifies IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing, empowering thousands of organizations worldwide to treat their data as an economic asset that is the basis for new business opportunity.

Please be aware that the optical cables that connect the patch panel to the rest of the device are 50 micron optical cables. If feature has a Qty.

IBM XIV Storage System

One of feature x is required on the initial order when participating in the XIV Capacity on Demand program. System inventory information is stored in a secure database, which is protected behind IBM firewalls. Contact an IBM representative or reseller for any questions. IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility enables volumes to be moved online between multiple XIV systems and without interruption to host applications IBM Hyper-Scale Manager enables multiple XIV systems to be managed and monitored with simplicity through a consolidated, integrated display IBM Hyper-Scale Consistency enables a consistent snapshot of all application volumes across one or more XIV systems to be coordinated These empowering features support the IBM goal of enabling seamless XIV scaleout and management, driving operational agility and efficiency for large deployments.


If you want to run the installation in unattended mode to eliminate user interaction during the installation, run the installation executable in its folder location as follows:. CoD configurations are available to provide a method to quickly provision new physical storage and can be ordered at any of the valid partially populated capacities.

Family +03 IBM XIV Storage System (M/T ) Model

Once inside IBMproblem error data is run through a data knowledge management system and knowledge articles are appended to the problem record. Cannot be ordered with feature or or for model.

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If this feature has a Qty. Logical configuration refers to defining hosts, volumes, and LUNs mapping to hosts, defining event notifications, defining target connectivity, defining mirroring, defining snapshots, and all actions related to implementation of the XIV Storage System within the customer’s IT environment, other than physical installation.

XIV supports diverse industry security, identity, and access-protocol standards. IBM will wlndows the failing machine at your location and verify its operation. Any order that fully activates a CoD configuration and does NOT include additional un-activated CoD features will indicate the customer’s desire to complete the CoD agreement and feature x must be removed from the machine’s serial number in question.

Installation planning and usage documentation and resources may be found at the IBM product support website. Must not be more than 3 less than the total quantity of and