Customer replacement parts None. Year This product does not have date dependencies and is, therefore, Year ready. It provides a media capacity of up to GB GB with 2: When feature ACY1 is present on order, the maximum quantity allowed is 99 and pre-requisite features are not applicable. Cables with HD68 connectors on both ends: Capacity and performance requirements Data integrity, reliability, and availability Data security and encryption Storage usage and application requirements Affordability Loyalty to legacy or existing tape formats Work environment where space is limited IBM TS tape drives and software applications are designed to address these requirements and deliver a functionally rich tape storage solution incorporating LTO Ultrium 7 tape drive technology.

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Under “Platform drivers”, in order to download your driver, select the correct operating system. Utilize the Fix Central download portal by accessing the following website http: With the next pull down menu, Product Type, select Tape drivers and software.

These cartridges have been designed to provide several enhancements over previous tape technologies. Intermixing of other SAS devices on the same bus 350 the TS may also impact performance of those devices. IBM’s patented “Scheme-Swapping” compression is designed to look ahead at incoming data, and determine the most efficient storage method either ALDC or pass-thru mode to help provide optimal data compression and increase data throughput. Feature conversions Not applicable.


Use the features above to select a power cord feature that is needed Maximum number of features: None Maximum number of features: Robust drive components optimized for automation environments – Drive designed using some of the most robust components available, such as: Dynamic amplitude asymmetry ibbm – It is designed to dynamically optimize readback ib for linear readback response from MR read head transducers.

None Maximum number of features: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.

Planning Information Customer Responsibilities: One Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge is included with each order. A power 33580 option number, if applicable, should also be specified.

IBM System Storage TS Tape Drive Express Models for HVEC incorporate IBM LTO Ultrium 4 Tap

This feature has two advantages. The IBM Ultrium 5 1. A second Mini-SAS external cable Feature or is required if attaching to two host systems, or if attaching a second tape drive. Features of the Ultrium 8 model include: The fifth-generation drive electronics are designed to provide error correction iibm soft errors and in memory arrays.


The power cords shipped with the tape drive must be selected. Features ,to No charge. The Tape Drive has raven black covers. Installation time for the Ultrium Tape Drive is approximately 0. With an independent loader motor coupled with the positive pin retention, the tape threads with a higher level of reliability.

IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive Offers High Capacity and Performance

Specific availability dates, ordering information, and terms and conditions will be provided when the product is announced. Product life cycle dates.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. At least one SCSI cable should be specified on the initial plant order. Large internal data buffer: A power cord feature number, if applicable, should also be specified.

The TS can read and write to Ultrium 8 and Ultrium 7 cartridges. Features of the Ultrium 4 model: When feature ACW1 is present on order, the maximum quantity allowed is 99 and prerequisite features are not applicable Customer setup: